Will Snow Damage My Grass?

Snow, it is always exciting when snow is forecasted in the upcoming weather. Everyone gets excited that they can head outside to play, it truly brings out the child in everyone. But some people do worry. They worry about whether this snowfall is going to damage their lawn.

Well, we are here to tell you that no, snow will not cause any long term damage to the grass in your garden. Whilst you may believe it is going to cause your grass to freeze and die, this is simply not the case. When snow falls, it creates a nice layer of insulation for the grass, so it will in fact become warmer for the grass, not colder. Long snowfall may damage your grass, but for the most part, it will help protect your grass from the cold winter weather. Any damage caused can be easily fixed as the weather begins to warm up during the spring months.



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November 19, 2021