How To Get Children More Involved In Gardening?

In our children’s lives, it is important that we allow them to experience many different things, this includes gardening. But, it can be difficult to get children to sit down and take part in gardening with it being a slow process. But it is important for children to truly learn about gardening and where fruit, vegetable, and flowers truly come from. So, how can we get children more involved in gardening?

While it is easy to get children involved in gardening, with near enough all children enjoying getting messy, it can be difficult to keep them engaged. The best way to keep children engaged is by keeping it fun and keeping them involved. The moment you start telling them they can’t do something, whether it be because it is dangerous or you don’t want them to do it wrong, they will lose interest. To keep children engaged they need to be involved, not just watching. Parents need to understand that children learn through doing, so maybe the first time they will drop compost all over the floor but it isn’t the end of the world. You have more and they are learning from their accidents.

If there are parts that your children really shouldn’t take part in, another option is setting them up an activity. Bring in some home learning worksheets. These will allow your children to write down or draw everything they have learned. This process will help them to remember what they were doing with you, whilst still keeping them engaged in the gardening aspect.

With children, it is important that you keep them engaged no matter what they are doing. All they want to be is involved in the project. If you allow that to happen their engagement will stay and you will see they learn more every day.