Making Your Garden Animal Friendly

When people think about gardening, their first thought is always flowers, plants, and greenery. But this is not the case. You do not need to be a flowery person to enjoy gardening. Another aspect of gardening you could consider is a wildlife garden. Today, we are going to share with you some ways to make your garden animal friendly, attracting wildlife to your garden.

Bird Feeder
A bird feeder is an excellent way to attract wildlife, in particular birds, to your garden. A bird feeder can be made from objects at home, such as old milk bottles or other plastic bottles. Alternatively, you can purchase these from local shops and garden centers. These help to not only bring wildlife to your garden but also care for them.

Bug Hotel
Another option is to simply create a bug hotel. Again these can either be homemade or brought from your local shop or garden center. But these will provide a home for smaller insects that may not survive the colder months.

Bird Bath
Another option is a simple birdbath. This provides an area for birds to not only have a wash but gain a water source. This water source will also attract other wildlife who may be struggling to find a source of water when they need one.

I know we said that flowers were not always needed, but if you are someone who likes flowers but also wants wildlife in your garden, then you are ok. Flowers will also attract wildlife to your garden due to the bright colours.

These are some of our favourite and cheap ways to bring wildlife into our gardens. Remember gardening doesn’t always need to be about flowers. It can also be about protecting our wildlife, helping them to survive.